The Pain Relief Clinic is a medical practice that combines traditional pain management techniques with non-invasive treatment technologies available, to specifically help patients who suffer from both acute and persistent pain.

Using a combination of conventional medicine, as well as new technologies such as INDIBA® activ ProRecovery and Shockwave Therapy, we provide effective clinical solutions to pain.

By promoting bone, cartilage and soft tissue repair, we offer a number of non-invasive, safe and drug free options, that are effective for patients who still suffer from pain after trying other treatments, or who are not comfortable with the risks and complications of other options.

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3 Common Misconceptions about Pain:

  • My pain is persistent. I’ve tried gels, painkillers, injections and alternative treatments which did not work. There is no choice except for surgery.
  • My pain is due to wear and tear, age related degeneration. Nothing much can be done, while it gets worse with time. I must just learn to live with it.
  • My pain is due sports injury and exercise causing a muscle, ligament or cartilage tear. The only options are resting, physiotherapy, steroid injections and maybe surgery.

Our Signature Treatments


Shockwave Therapy

Used internationally as a non-invasive method of treating pain and inflammation using high energy acoustic waves.


Indiba Active

Non-invasive radiofrequency treatment used by leading professional sports teams, hospitals and clinics across Europe and Japan for pain relief.


Electromedical Stimulation

Cleared by the US FDA for Muscle Conditioning under prescription, it offers powerful applications in sports science, rehabilitation medicine and pain therapy.

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About Dr. Tan

As the principal pain doctor in Singapore running The Pain Relief Clinic, Dr Terence Tan’s passion for pain relief grew out of personal experience.

Having spent well over a decade treating patients suffering from pain, Dr Tan developed his special interest by introducing non-invasive pain solutions and tissue repair technologies into Singapore.

He is accredited with both the Family Physician Accreditation Board and the Singapore Medical Council.

He is also a member of the Singapore Medical Association and The Pain Association of Singapore.

Committed to providing result oriented pain treatments, his philosophy is to always offer patients the safest, most effective and least invasive treatments available.

His patients appreciate the value of being able to have consultations, investigations (xray, ultrasound and MRI), and treatments all done on the same day, especially when they are suffering from severe pain.

Dr Tan’s clinical approach is that while there is a role for short term medications in specific situations, patients do not generally want to be dependent on long term painkillers or try risky solutions.

Even in age related, “wear and tear”, and other chronic conditions, a comprehensive yet targeted approach can help patients be free from pain and lead a healthy active life.


The Pain Relief Clinic started providing non-invasive medical therapy in 2007. Our brand of cost-effective pain treatments combines traditional techniques with new medical technology to achieve fast and long lasting results. We have since grown into an international medical group of doctors and physiotherapists with clinics in Singapore, Surabaya and Jakarta.
Map: Where it all Started

Our Pricing Plan

Ultrasound Diagnostic Plan
  • Consultation
    • Assessment of Patient History
    • Clincal Assessment
    • Ultrasound
  • Treatment Prescription
MRI Diagnostic Plan
  • Consultation
    • Assessment of Patient History
    • Clincal Assessment
    • MRI
  • Treatment Prescription
Standard Consultation
  • Consultation
    • Assessment of Patient History
    • Clincal Assessment
    • Discussion of Options
  • Treatment Prescription

The Importance of Treating Pain Effectively

Acute pain from recent injuries and other diseases can result in time off work, difficulty with participation in sports, and interfere with other normal day activities. Persistent pain from chronic injuries, wear and tear, nerve pain, and other causes often results in frustration, low energy level, poor sleep (insomnia), irritability, depressed mood, difficulty with concentration and memory, mobility problems and even reduced sexual function.
Relationships with friends and family, work, personal happiness and life in general may also be affected. Pain has even been associated with loss of brain mass.

By properly treating persistent pain, patients will be able to enjoy work, sports, and life in general more effectively.
Sleep will also become more restful, resulting in more energetic days and better moods.
More importantly, pain and its underlying cause must be properly treated to prevent it from getting worse, and deteriorating to the point where surgery and other invasive treatments become necessary.
If you are unsure of the cause for the aches, pain or stiffness you are suffering from, or if your condition has not improved despite standard treatments and have been told to consider surgery, do not worry.
Simply contact us to explore your options.

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