Consultation Fees

$50 per Standard Consultation (Excluding investigations, medications and treatments)

As every patient is unique, our doctor will need to fully assess your condition before formulating a comprehensive treatment plan for your medical condition.

Although it is not always necessary, it is sometimes useful to perform X-rays and other investigations for a more accurate diagnosis. While medication sometimes has a role for short term pain relief, most patients will benefit more from the newer non-invasive solutions such as shockwave therapy.

Insurance Coverage

Depending on your type of insurance coverage, many of our patients have their medical bills covered by insurance.

While it is good to check with your insurance agent/company regarding your medical coverage, common types of insurance plans include:

  • Medical outpatient coverage by employers.
  • Travel insurance claims for patients and tourists injured while on holiday.
  • Personal accident insurance plans for patients who suffer pain due to sprains, falls and other accidental injuries.
  • Personal outpatient medical policies.

Simply inform us of your type of coverage and any forms required by your insurance company and we will be happy to assist with the paperwork.

Find out how your pain can be more effectively treated.

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