INDIBA activ ProRecovery System

INDIBA® activ ProRecovery is an established medical treatment used by leading professional sports teams, hospitals and clinics across Europe for fast healing and pain relief.

The technology is supported by multiple medical studies, and used by top tennis player Rafael Nadal, as well as multiple national teams in the 2012 London Olympics.

How does Indiba activ ProRecovery work?

Indiba activ ProRecovery stimulates the natural mechanisms of healing and tissue recovery non-invasively. The treatment is applied externally and uses patented long wave radio frequencies to accelerate tissue repair.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

The Indiba activ is effective for people who have musculoskeletal problems, especially for the treatment of neck, back, knee and shoulder pain.

Patients with osteoarthritis (commonly known as joint “wear and tear”), as well as joint sprains also benefit greatly from this treatment. It can also be used for patients undergoing rehabilitation after surgery.

It is also a treatment used by athletes for sports injuries.

What happens during the Indiba activ ProRecovery treatment?

The patient will experience a sensation of comforting warmth as a probe is applied to the area requiring treatment. Manual soft tissue mobilization techniques are usually incorporated to the treatment session to provide maximal therapeutic effect.

This treatment is very comfortable and not painful.

What do patients like about this treatment?

Patients generally prefer treatments that are comfortable, work quickly, and have negligible risks of complications when correctly applied. The Indiba activ is one such solution.

INDIBA® activ ProRecovery:

  • Speeds recovery
  • Can improve chronic conditions
  • Helps reduce pain from the first application
  • Aids soft and hard tissue rehabilitation
  • Is safe to use

The Pain Relief Clinic has been performing INDIBA® ProRecovery treatments since 2012.

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