How to Treat Knee Pain Successfully

Any kind of pain that you experience in the course of walking or running needs to be taken note of immediately as this could be a sign of the fact that there is some internal injury in your body. Experiencing any kind of knee pain when running, is particularly problematic, especially if you pursue athletic activities for a living and need to do this on a regular basis. The following are some effective ways you can get to treat knee pain in a successful manner.

Knee Pain
Stop Running and Examine Your Knees for Swelling
The first thing you need to do when experiencing knee pain when running is to stop in your tracks immediately rather than continuing with the activity. This is very important. The more you run with pain in your knees the more damage you are likely to cause to your knees. Once you have stopped running you need to go and sit in a quiet place and examine the area around your knee. What you need to look out for is any form of swelling. If there is no swelling but still a good deal of internal pain, there is every chance that a serious injury could have occurred from within.

Lose Weight
A good form of long term treatment of knee pain when running would be losing weight. With less fat in your body, the pain you experience in your knees will be a lot less, in spite of internal injuries. There are a lot of over the counter medicines that you can take in order to prevent knee injury of any sort. You do not need the prescription of a doctor in order to be able to buy these medicines and would be able to get hold of them simply by asking for them.

Perform Specific Exercises
You will experience less knee pain when running if you choose to exercise your knees on a regular basis at home. You can hire an expert to come to your home and help you out in this regard. When you build up the knee quads, the knee joints are going to get strengthened quite a bit. There are specific exercises for the knees which you need to do and apart from hiring an expert there are also numerous online resources you can read to know more about these exercises and how you should implement them. All the exercises which you choose to combat knee pain when running should be those that entail minimum application of stress and pressure over your knees.

Apply an Ice Pack
If you ever experience knee pain when running then it would be a good idea to apply ice over the knees for about fifteen to twenty minutes. The ice application will reduce the swelling, internal or external, in your knees and with it – the pain.
These are the basic treatments you can apply to your knees if you experience pain while walking or running.