Chooosing the right Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeons are specialized surgeons, trained to perform both invasive, and non-
invasive types of treatments. Some of the conditions an orthopedic surgeon is commonly consulted for include:

• Bone tumors
• Dislocations and fractures
• Spine disorders
• Muscle, tendon, and ligament damage
• Sprains and strains
• Club foot, bow leg, knock knees, bunions, hammertoes
• Arthritis

Most orthopedic Surgeons in Singapore are experts who have often sub-specialized to even more precise fields of expertise.

Many Singapore orthopaedic surgeons have international training and certifications from top medical centres around the world.

Some have strong reputations and credentials, while others are experts in the latest advanced orthopaedic surgical techniques for specific joint conditions.

With many experts orthopaedic surgeons in Singapore, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best surgeon for a patient’s particular condition.

If you have been told to do surgery and are unsyre which is the most suitable orthopaedic surgeon for your condition,
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